Little 10-year-old reveals impossible song choice – 5 seconds later, the jury can’t catch its breath

You might think that it takes a lifetime of training and experience to be able to master singing a difficult song.

But 10-year-old Daneliya Tulyeshova from Kazakhstan was not about to wait to find out.

It’s following a visit to Ukrainian’s The Voice Kids in 2017 that the young girl quickly charmed the entire world.

When Daneliya reveals that she is planning to sing Demi Lovato’s difficult pop hit “Stone Cold”, nobody knows what to expect. But as soon as she opens her mouth, it all becomes very clear.

Just seconds after the 10-year-old begins to sing, the jury’s jaws drop. Some 8 seconds later, all four judges have slapped their buzzers, sending her further into the competition.


Daneliya is a rare example of when the biggest voices come in the smallest packages — and one can only wonder how she could have developed such powerful pipes at such a young age.

“This girl is on fire, look out world what a sensational vocalist a super talent of the future! Bravo,” writes one YouTube user.
“She will be superstar when she grows up,” writes another.
I can only agree. Listen and enjoy this young star’s amazing performance!

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